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I guess this is the bit where I need to be a bit serious and talk about who I am, what I have done and how my 30 odd years of marketing experience across the globe have led me to write a blog about marketing.

But I’m not going to.

Originally from the UK, but now a citizen of Australia, here I am thousands of kilometres from home, eating Vegemite, burnt sausages and drinking cold beer spewing over the fact that it’s a lot colder here than advertised on Home and Away and Neighbours all those years ago. I watched those shows for years and not once did anyone scrape ice off their windscreens!!!

I live up in Ballarat (the coldest place on Earth) on acreage with my wife and our 10 children. Eight of those are horses; the other two are made up of a half blind cat (which was caused when my wife ran her over) and our Scotty dog “Muzzah” who seems to be in a permanent state of indifference towards us. I suspect he’s resenting the English in me.

Feeling a little Grimm

When I’m not working or studying, I’m an avid historical re-enactor. You can find me out and about on my horse (Bill the Bastard) dressed as a WW1 Australian Light horseman at various ANZAC day parades across Victoria, a Rus Viking slowly making my way to Constantinople, a 14th Century English archer taking part in archery competitions and combat, a hunter-trapper from Colonial America, a member of Nelson’s crew in the 19th Century Royal Navy or even the odd bit of Steampunk.

I’m not new to blogs having written a very successful one nearly a decade ago when blogs were still relatively new and confusing. I’m not one to articulate particularly well in a succinct manner what I’m trying to say, so decided not to bother and instead I ghost wrote for my horse instead.

Bazz was a pretty useless horse by all accounts. He raced a few times and always came last, but in his mind, he was the best damn racehorse that there had ever been, or will be. He was a racing legend!! (of sorts). Bazzyboy.net was written from his perspective and at its peak it had fans all around the world and was receiving close to 40,000 page reads a week. The blog went on to win the World’s Best Pet Blog Award in 2007, beating the very popular “I Can Has Cheezburger”.

So here I am nearly 10 years later logging onto WordPress again to drain my brain of content in the hope someone will find what I say interesting. This time around my focus will be based around Social Media and Consumer Behaviour (my passion). I suspect it will be a little drier than Bazzy Boy and his antics but what I learn on my journey I will share, and I hope you enjoy.


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